Thursday, 10 September 2020

Breaking the lockdown blues in the New Forest

Been stuck at home for a few months due to lockdown and lack of funds, but got myself out early this morning hoping to catch some autumnal mist in the New Forest.

My destination was Rockford, to capture a classic view of the heather and (hopefully) some mist in the valley behind. Weather conditions looked promising, with a clear night and a still, clear morning.

On arrival (and on the journey down), there was no sign of mist and the sky was looking cloudy. Lots of gaps in the cloud though and a faint glow on the Eastern horizon an hour before sunrise, so I was optimistic for nice conditions, even if there was no mist. 

I found "the spot" without too much trouble, although it doesn't look anywhere near as dramatic without the mist.

Happy with the shots I got, and I headed off to Bolderwood Drive to get some shots of the morning sun coming through the trees. I'll certainly be back to try to get the elusive mist and to capture the autumn colours when they properly come through in the coming weeks....

Sunrise over the heather

Sunrise over the New Forest

Sunlight through the trees

Sunlight through the trees

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