Monday, 28 October 2019

My favourite shot ever (tbc!)

Half Term, Clocks went back and a clear night/frosty morning forecast.
I dragged the kids out at 0630 to find some mist and sun in the woods.
Although there was very little mist around, it was frosty, so I headed for Pirbright/Deepcut where the canal often kicks up autumn mist.
There wasn't much about, but a little walk into the ranges and we found this tree, bathed in light through the mist that had settled in the hollow. A beautiful sight and one I'm pleased to have captured. This is rapidly becoming my favourite shot I've ever taken!
The second shot is more of a standard sunrise through the trees shot, but I also like this one.

First light through the mist

Autumn sunrise. Combination of 2 images, with one stopped down to f22 to get the sunburst effect

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Autumn Misty Mornings

Work/kids responsibilities have been preventing me from getting out for the Autumn sunrises recently. Orionid meteors where peaking last night and the forecast was for cloud all night and through the morning. I didn't go out overnight and didn't rush to get up and out early in the morning.
Morning brought a beautiful sunrise and mist over the ranges. I couldn't get out as early as I would have liked, so these are after the sun had risen a fair bit. Most of the mist had gone and the sky is a bit bright for my liking, but it was good to get some shots in the bag.


Nature's barcode!

Turf Hill

Turf Hill

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Sunrise bust

It's been a while since I've been able to get up for sunrise (work, family commitments).
Today was forecast cold and clear after a night of rain. Good chance of some mist?
As it was, I was up and out half an hour before sunrise, but there was no mist in the valleys or down by the lake at Virginia Water. The sky was clear and cloudless. Lovely to look at, but no good for photography.
Oh well, another day.....