Monday, 30 December 2019

I'm officially a published photographer!

Really pleased to get a runner-up place in the 2019 Surrey Life Photography competition.
I get to go to a Champagne evening to see the picture at Denbies in Jan too.
WooHoo! I'm officially a published photographer!

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Quick pre-storm visit to Wittering

With a nasty storm incoming, I headed to West Wittering Beach to try to get some exciting sea before the main rain arrived. It was here or Dorset... I think I made the right choice, as the rain arrived pretty much 10 minutes after I did and got worse very quickly.

The sky was bleak and there was no real light to speak of, so the scene naturally lends itself to monochrome... Pleased with the outcome.

My favourite sticks again!
Canon 77d, Sigma 10mm, f11, 1 sec

Breakwater doing it's job admirably
Canon 77d, Sigma 10mm, f11, 1 sec

Beach window
Canon 77d, Sigma 10mm, f11, 1 sec

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Classic Dorset

The forescast was pointing to a definite fog/mist across the South East and I had a day off work, so got up early (0430) and headed for Corfe Castle to catch the elusive Castle in the mist shot.
Was foggy/misty all the way down, but at the castle, there was nothing.
All around was misty, but it never really hit the castle, so I took a few shots of the nice light, then headed for Kimmeridge to see if the sunrise would light up the ledges.

Kimmeridge was high tide, so not much exposed rock and the sunrise was behind the clouds.
Still a nice place to be at 0730 on a Wednesday!

I then had a wander up to Swyre Head, to see what the fuss was about. Lovely walk, but the view was past it's best (might re-visit for another clear sunrise).
Got a lovely view across the valley of Corfe Castle though, still with that mist tantalisingly closed behind...