Thursday, 12 November 2020

Autumn 2020- A great year for colour.... for those that can make it out!

 This year has been a fantastic year for colour on the trees. Something to do with the warm Summer, then a wet Autumn without any storms or frosts to knock off the changing leaves.

A new job + COVID-19 restrictions has limited how much I can get out in the mornings and I've missed some cracking sunrises that I've watched from the home office.

After a string of misty mornings, I made it out to Deepcut Woods to try to capture the season. Unfortunately, the mist largely let me down on this morning, with just a little hanging about in the lowest areas.

Quite happy with this moody shot from a location deep in the woods I've photographed before. The second one is an old favourite on my mountain bike rides... A trail segment known as "Four Seasons".