Sunday, 21 June 2020

Summer Solstice

A very early (0230) alarm call with the family and off to Sussex to hopefully catch the Summer Solstice sunrise (due at 0449).
We chose Butser Hill, Hampshire, on the way down to a day on Wittering Beach.
The pre-sunrise glow gave us hope, but the forecast rain arrived spot on time and snuffed out what could have been a marvellous sunrise.
Still, the pre-sunrise shot is lovely and a great reminder of another special morning out with the family.
As for Wittering Beach- glorious as usual, until the hoards arrived.

Summer Solstice (Pre) Sunrise

West Wittering Beach before the crowds arrived (0800)

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Noctilucent Clouds (NLC) over Surrey

The Summer night sky can be a bit frustrating in the UK. Clear nights are few and far between, there is no astronomical dark, as the nights are so short and for half the month, the moon knocks out any darkness that may be left.
So Milky Way shots are hard to come by and the Summer constellations aren't as interesting as the Winter ones.
One target I've been trying to capture for a couple of years is Noctilucent Clouds. They only appear in May/June and only between about 45 and 55 degrees Lattitude.
Even then, you never know where/when they will appear.
After a couple of nights of seeing everyone else's shots (from as far South as London and even Stonehenge), I headed out at 3am with my son to see if I could capture them over Surrey.
Here's the results... quite a nice display and much higher above the horizon than I was expecting...

What are Noctilucent Clouds?

Noctilucent Clouds over Surrey
From Curley Hill, Lightwater
Canon 77D, Canon 55mm kit lens, ISO400, f4.0, 4sec exposure