Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Perseids 2019

I've never (intentionally) captured a meteor storm on camera before. Maybe the odd single streak by accident as part of a star trail sequence.
The weather in the UK never seems to cooperate with astronomical events, but for the peak of the Perseids storm overnight on 12/13 August, it looked like the sky would be clear once the moon had set at around 0230.
I had a window of an hour or so before astronomical twighlight started and luckily the cloud broke and I had a clear(ish), warm(ish) night to enjoy the show.

I wanted some interesting foreground, so decided on the Victoria Monument on Chobham Common.
Luckily there were no "dog walkers" or other undesirables in the car park at 2am, so I setup and waited.
I saw around 20 meteors in the hour I was watching and managed to capture 5 on the camera, which I have consolidated into a single image. A bit of Lightroom work was also required to get rid of the light pollution from London, Heathrow and the M25/M3, which are all very close.
Technically, this isn't a great image, but I'm very proud of the content and even got the image published on the cnet website!


Multiple (5) image composite of Perseids meteors over a 1 hour period. 10mm Sigma lens, 20sec @f4.0 ISO1600

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Back problems

May, June and July saw me laid up with back problems, so very little chance to get out and take pictures.
Spinal surgery in July and a quick recovery mean I'm back on it now!