Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Swinley Forest Misty Sunrise

With the promise of a misty start to the day, I had to decide between a 4am start and a drive to Corfe Castle, or a 7am start and a quick ride in Swinley Forest. The extra sleep won out, so I headed out into the forest just after sunrise, fully kitted up for a winter ride, with the additional weight of my camera bag & tripod.

Well worth the trip out, with some great mist and sun through the trees...

Red23 looking amazing

Red15 looking as inviting as ever

Even the ride home was lovely.
Dog walkers on their way out of the forest

Monday, 25 February 2019

Searching for mist at Newlands Corner

SPOILER: Didn't find any

Despite it being misty for the entire journey there, the valley had no mist in it.
Still, the sunrise was nice and it was another good scouting session (with Lyla for company).

Sunrise over the Surrey Hills

Lyla enjoying the view

Lyla enjoying the view

Pixel2 shot of  a tree on Newlands Corner

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Sunny, warm February at Hengistbury Head

Lovely Sunday out,, making use of the lovely February weather and the last day of the kids Half Term holiday.

Incoming tide at Mudeford Quay
Shutter speed of 8s

Waves on the beach at Hengistbury Head
Shutter speed of 4s

Evening light at Hengistbury Head

Sunset at Hengistbury Head

Sunset at Hengistbury Head

Friday, 15 February 2019

Misty morning in Lightwater

Dropped Lyla at school then had half an hour free before work to get some shots on the misty ranges. The sun was burning through quickly and by the time I'd finished, there was no mist left.
I was hoping for some of the sun coming through the mist, but the mist was too thick down in the valley.
As I was leaving, I turned around and shot the gate, which turned out to be my favourite shot of them all...

Looking over the valley towards Woking

Morning light coming through the mist

Come on in, the weather's lovely!
Really pleased with how this shot turned out.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Storm Eric in Wiltshire

Weekend in Wiltshire "enjoying" the edges of Storm Eric....
It was quite blowy up on top of Milk Hill, looking South across Pewsey Vale.
Images aren't great, but they do capture some of the feeling of being up there.

Woodborough Hill

The road through Alton Priors

Zoomed in on the above image. Car on it's roof!

Picked Hill, fighting it's way out the gloom

Rain over Woodborough Hill

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Bournemouth Beach Sunrise

We were down in Bournemouth overnight, so made use of the beachfront hotel to get down on the beach for sunrise (0730).
These are pretty much updates of shots I got 10+ years ago at the same location. Very pleased with the results....
Rewarded ourselves with a full English at Boscombe Pier.

Canon 77D, 200mm lens, f16, 2.5sec

Canon 77D, 10mm lens, f16, 30sec

Canon 77D, 10mm lens, f14, 0.6sec, with 4 stop ND filter

Canon 77D, 10mm lens, f16, 1.6sec with 4 stop ND filter

Iceland or Bournemouth?
Canon 77D, 300mm lens, f16, 1/60sec

Friday, 1 February 2019

@surreyviews launched

Today I've launched my @surreyviews Instagram site.
I'm hoping to increase my visibility by focusing on a specific area- my home county of Surrey. Hoping to generate some local interest and maybe even get something published.

Here's some examples from the site...